Moisture Determination at Your Desk

Featured Product from CSC Scientific Company, Inc.

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We offer the Praxis Moisture Determination Balance to provide for our customers who need to do occasional moisture determination tests. The new balance is portable, making it convenient to use in the office or the lab.

Automatic Moisture Content Analysis

The Praxis automatically shuts off at the completion of a moisture content analysis test. It comes with a set of default parameters that cover a wide variety of products, but the drying and shut down parameters, as well as the heat levels and temperature sequences, are all adjustable. These preferences can be saved in a methods library for use on future moisture determination tests.

Simple Steps to Get a Moisture Analysis Reading

You can do a moisture content test with the Praxis as soon as you take it out of the box - no special training required! The procedure is as follows:

  1. Press the "Ready" button
  2. Tare the empty pan
  3. Load the sample onto the pan
  4. Close the Praxis' cover
  5. Press "Start"

When the test is complete, the Praxis will turn off, and the test results will be stored on the display.