Nuclear Engineering

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Nuclear Engineering

Rigorously validated ESDU data and standards have accurate and reliable procedures that are used by plant design and safety engineers and nuclear industry consultants throughout the world. The data contained within the ESDU Nuclear package supports the design of new builds, maintenance, repair and operation (MRO), and the decommissioning of fuel reprocessing plants.

The validation and accuracy of data is critical to the Nuclear Industry to ensure safety, environmental responsibility, and quality in the design and operation of nuclear facilities, content includes:-

  • Fluid Mechanics, Internal Flow – Fluid flow parameters and pressure loss in Internal Flow
  • Wind Engineering – Building and structure response to wind
  • Heat Transfer – Evaluation of heat exchangers
  • Physical Data, Chemical Engineering – Fluid physical properties
  • Stress & Strength – Stress analysis of components
  • Mechanisms – Gears, CAMs (mechanical component that, by direct contact, transmits a desired motion to another mechanical component) and linkages
  • Tribology – Interaction of solid surfaces (friction, lubrication and wear)
  • Noise – prediction and reduction of noise in and around nuclear facilities
  • Vibration and Acoustic Fatigue – Response and fatigue life of structures subjected to acoustic loading
  • MMDH – Physical properties of metals

ESDU is unique to the Nuclear Sector as its content provides

  • Up-to-date methods that can be incorporated into the nuclear facility design process
  • prepared by engineers under the guidance of independent experts via a committee structure
  • The breadth of content that can be used at various stages of nuclear facility design, operations and shut down.