Transparent PCB Enclosure Provides Insight

Product Announcement from LADD Distribution

Transparent PCB Enclosure Provides Insight -Image

DEUTSCH industrial offers compact circuit board enclosures that accept snap in headers. The enclosure features a through hole mounting flange on each side, as well as optional venting. Designed with space to accommodate one or two DTM Series interfaces, the headers feature 90° pins. A radial flange seal provides environmental sealing to the enclosure. The headers mate with DTM standard plugs.

By combining the flexibility of DEUTSCH industrial interchangeable PCB headers with the field-proven performance you demand, the transparent enclosure provides the reliability and application design ease you expect from the DEUTSCH industrial line of products.

The transparent EEC-325X4B-E016:

• Eliminates the need to drill holes for LEDs or digital readouts.

• Allows for complete viewing of the printed circuit board.

• Enables infrared data transmissions.

• Molded in clear Ultem material

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