Application Adapted Clutches and Brakes

Product Announcement from Mach III Clutch, Inc.

Application Adapted Clutches and Brakes-Image

Mach III is an American manufacturer of air and spring actuated friction clutches, brakes and mechanical torque limiters that specializes in application specific adaptations. Customization capabilities range from minor tweaks of catalog models to completely novel designs.  

Products available in torque capacities to 62,000 pound inches, bore sizes to 3.625 inches and in a multitude of mounting configurations including through shaft, end of shaft, flange, NEMA frame, custom motor frame, and more.  

Clockwise from top left are some examples:

Curious about other examples?  Visit our Applications Blog.

There are no minimum order quantities for custom products and lead times average only one week longer than for comparable catalog models.  

Factory based application assistance available by calling US Toll Free 866-291-0849, Outside the USA +1 859-291-0849 or by Emailing