Vertical Pumps for Acids

Product Announcement from Savino Barbera Srl

Vertical Pumps for Acids -Image

Single-stage vertical centrifugal pumps, suitable for transfer, recycling and distributing corrosive liquids. The AS-series pumps are recommended for installation in cisterns, tanks or wells with variable head. The manufacturing technologies, the materials employed and the hydraulic design adopted permit the vertical AS pumps to satisfy plant specifications for chemical products (including those with solids). Hydraulics are optimized using open, closed and recessed impellers, and impellers with different speeds of rotation in accordance with the constraints imposed by the plants, the nature of the liquids or the working processes. They are manufactured upon request in lengths up to 3 meters without intermediate bearings.


  • Materials: PP, PVC, PVDF, PE-HD.
  • Up to 3 meters long, depending upon the tank depth.
  • Suitable dimensioning of shafts, support columns and motor supports.
  • Standard sized PVC support flanges and bases or customized in accordance with design.
  • Nozzles with hose adaptor threaded or flanged.
  • Thickly coated cantilever shaft, fit directly onto the motor shaft. Free of bearing bracket or intermediate bearings, it is guided by a pair of filled PTFE, ceramic or SiC wear bushings, and flushed by the liquid being pumped.
  • Pumps longer than 1950 mm: a variation is constructed that ensures exceptional resistance to vibrations and that anticipates over-sizing of the shaft and the motor support, in addition to an FRP reinforcing structure.