Power Supply Selection Guide

Product Announcement from TLC Electronics

Power Supply Selection Guide-Image

The guide provides selection criteria for the following power product categories:

  • Desktop, Single & Multiple Outputs
  • DC-AC Inverters
  • Wall Plug AC, Interchangeable and Fixed Plug
  • Open Frame, Up to 800 Watts
  • Medical Desktop, Interchangeable Wall Plug, Open Frame
  • Industrial Enclosed
  • Din Rail Mount with Display
  • LED Drivers
  • Battery Chargers For SLA, Li-Ion, NiCD, NiMH
  • Linear AC/AC, AC/DC Adaptors
  • Custom Magnetics

If you would like to receive a hard copy of this selection guide, please email tlcsales@gmail.com with your contact information and a note requesting GPE's new Condensed Power Guide for Sceptre Power. Or call 651-488-2933 to request a copy.

See www.tlcelectronics.com for more information on the products and services offered by TLC Electronics and a link to our franchised manufacturers including GPE/Sceptre Power.