Adjustable Spacer Rings; Eliminate Shimming

Product Announcement from Temper Corporation

Simplify and lower the cost of your bearing assemblies by using Temper® Load Rings, adjustable spacer rings which eliminate shimming and use of ground spacers. They can be engineered and fabricated to optimize bearing performance.

Temper Load Rings are adjustable spacer rings with a typical ability to absorb up to .070 inches of axial tolerances.

These spacers eliminate the need for selective shimming or ground spacers to achieve precision fits with assemblies, particularly with tapered roller bearings.

Temper Load Rings are available in the range from 1/2 inch to over 60 inches in diameter and ring capacities from 50 pounds to more than 250,000 pounds axial compression force.

Bearing adjustments can be set to an accuracy of +/ - .001 inch. Specific settings and pre-loads can be achieved within seconds with simple assembly procedures.

Call Temper Corporation engineering at 518-853-3467 for application assistance.

Applications include gear reducers/ boxes, electric motors, hydraulic pumps, wheel ends, lawn and garden equipment, earth moving and construction equipment, forklifts, and many other types of equipment.

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