QR codes on Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell Pumps

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All Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell products will have a sticker with a QR Code to access installation, operation & Maintenance (IOM) manuals or other technical information online.  

Customers can scan the QR code or enter the URL printed on the sticker to view a digital copy of the relevant material.  Although printed manuals are being phased out, there will be a crossover period (until the inventory is depleted) when products will be shipped with both a sticker and physical manual.

Advantages to this new system include:

  • IOM manuals and other materials online will be up to date, incorporating any changes since the customer first received product.
  • There is an immediate source of information in case the customer's prointed manual is lost or becomes unreadable due to damage
  • Environmental and cost benefits of eliminating the need to prited these materials.