Product Announcement from Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies, Inc.

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ABLT helps determine the specialized label touches needed to achieve optimal logistics and warehouse control.

ABLT will walk you through the detailed label decisions vital to a successful warehouse and logistics process. This intricate process includes packaging, warehousing, compliance and shipping. The right label choices are significant components of each step, and ABLT will help you choose the right options for you.

ABLT offers countless custom options, including color coding, over-lamination, directional arrows, barcode check characters or alias numbers and harsh temperature adhesives.

  • Racking Labels can be made of white polyester, retro-reflective polyester, blast freezer material or plastic, bent hanging placards.
  • Tote, Palette and Bin Labels are offered in polyester or vinyl and can be sequentially numbered or printed from a database for warehouse location tracking.
  • Hanging Placards and Warehouse Floor Labels when racking is impossible.
  • Floor Hanging Placards for hard to reach places in your warehouse, logistics or distribution center.
  • Blast Freezer labels - maintain their adhesion to a minimum application temperature of -20F and minimum service range of -65F.

E-mail or call us at 800-321-3653 to design a customized label solution to meet your unique needs.

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