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MicroSense-I/L High Sensitivity Raman Microscope-Image

The Enwave µSense-I/L series Raman Microscopes are ideal for various academic, research, and industrial laboratory applications. These Raman microscopes are designed as a high performance and cost-effective solution for routine Raman microscopy. They are easy to use and reliable for your routine Raman microscopy applications.

Product Highlights:

  • Integrated Raman Microscope System with small footprint
  • Near infra-red (NIR) excitation at 785 nm for low fluorescence interference; 532nm also available
  • Adjustable laser power: 0 to ~400 mW with frequency stabilization (785nm); 0 to ~40 mW (532nm)
  • High Resolution/Sensitivity TEC-Cooled CCD Spectrometer for stable operation
  • Spectral Resolution:
    • 785nm Option: ~4.5-6.5 cm-1
    • 532nm Option: ~7-10 cm-1
  • Spectral Coverage:
    • 785nm Option: ~250-2,350 cm-1; ~100-2,200 cm-1; ~100-3,300 cm-1
    • 532nm Option: 250 - 3,300 cm-1; 250 - 4,000 cm-1
  • Front-Illuminated CCD cooled to -50°C, no interference ripples
  • Detachable Raman adaptor for dual use as Raman microscope or portable Raman analyzer
  • User-friendly software
  • Direct export or link to GRAMS and Excel for post processing, modeling and spectral search
  • Robust & durable design
  • Best performance for cost
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