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NT Series RF Transceiver Module

Product Announcement from Linx Technologies

Transceiver for Continuous or Periodic Digital Data

Send and receive digital data continuously or periodically with paired NT Series RF transceiver modules. They make it simple to set up reliable one- or two-way wireless communication in the 902 to 928MHz band. The NT Series uses a True Transparency™ interface that lets the user create a wireless wire for use with nonstandard data rates, custom protocols, or encodings such as PWM and Manchester. The module features best-in-class receive sensitivity (up to -113dBm) and low power consumption (only 19.2mA in receive mode and 15.2mA in transmit mode at 0dBm).

Unlike so-called transparent modules that require a UART interface and buffering scheme, the NT Series transceiver reduces latency by transmitting raw data. To transfer data, all the user has to do is connect circuitry to the input line of the sending transceiver and the output line of the receiving transceiver. The module is completely hardware-configurable. Although programming is not required, the NT Series allows for communication and microcontroller programming over a UART connection, which lets the user implement a frequency agility scheme such as frequency hopping or listen before talk.


  • Integrate with ease: simple hardware configuration lets you transfer raw data without protocol constraints or the need for user programming
  • Be creative: send and receive digital data with few legal restrictions
  • Optimize performance: four selectable baud bands maximize the range for your data rate
  • Save power: low current consumption compared to competing modules extends battery life
  • Simplify design: modules and antennas are the only RF components you need; no tuning required
  • Streamline production: save time and money with modules that are already tested