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Temperature Data Logger - Miniature-Image

The SL51T, SL52T and SL53T are self contained single channel temperature data loggers with the ability to record up to 8,000 data points. They operate in a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C depending upon the model chosen. They are very small (about the same size as a watch battery) which enables them to be inserted into small items and packages.

The SL50R Button Reader™ interfaces to the RS232 or USB port of a PC and is totally compatible with the user friendly, TempIT-Lite operating software which enables the logger to be set up and the data read and displayed in graphical format. Data can be stored and retrieved at a later time. The software can be up-graded to TempIT-Pro which provides various additional features such as data table view, export data to spreadsheet, email graphs, snap to trace, and automated MKT Calculations etc.

Each of the three models have specific advantages:

  • SL51T - Lowest cost, water resistant
  • SL52T - Water resistant, larger memory and faster sample rates
  • SL53T - High temperature, water resistant

The SL52T and SL53T also have a "start when alarm" function which inhibits data logging until the data logger has been in an alarm condition. Ideal for temperature related fault finding.

Starter kits are available for all three models. The Starter kits contain up to five data logging buttons, the communication interface, a single plastic holder and a copy of the TempIT-Pro software - offering good savings if all items were purchased separately. All SL50 series data loggers and starter kits are available to purchase online by clicking on the relevant "buy now" button in the table below.

The SL50-ACC01 is a water tight enclosure that allows the SL51T, SL52T and SL53T data loggers to be used in more hostile environments than the standard buttons. Constructed from 316 stainless steel the two part enclosure is sealed on an o-ring and provides greater protection in high pressure (up to 10 Bar), deep water (over 100m) or fluid monitoring as well as aggressive chemical applications.

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