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Single-Position Jaw Clutch - BD-Series

Product Announcement from Andantex USA, Inc.

 Single-Position Jaw Clutch - BD-Series-Image

Andantex These clutches are used whenever different sections of a machine need to be first disengaged from the drive train and then re-engaged while maintaining the same phase or angular relationship which existed prior to disengagement.They are often used in a line-shaft,between printing units on a offset-printing presses, and to disconnect certain units on a finishing line.

The unit consists of two jaw assemblies mounted on separate shafts, each supported by two bearings, and enclosed in a rugged cast-iron housing.This type of construction ensures fail-safe disengagement (it will not lockup if failure occurs in disengaged mode).

Additionally, the unit offers minimum backlash and maximum torsional rigidity by using high-strength,case-hardened and ground,chrome molybdenum alloy steel for the jaws and slide-dog shifting elements.The clutch is actuated remotely by a pneumatic cylinder and limit switches,which is provided with the unit,or manually by a shifting lever.Floor and wall mounting units available.

Ball bearings and viton seals are used to accept higher speeds and temperatures.


Engaging/disengaging print units on an offset press

Engaging/disengaging one portion of a machine from rest

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