StarFabric conformity PCI Bus Expansion Chassis

Product Announcement from CONTEC Co., Ltd.

StarFabric conformity PCI Bus Expansion Chassis -Image

ECH(PCI)SF-H13A is an expansion chassis that adds PCI bus expansion slots to a PC by being connected to the PC via an optional expansion adapter EAD-SF-LPE, EAD(LPCI)SF or EAD(CB)SF. The expansion adapter can connect the expansion chassis to the PC over a distance of up to 12m.

Environment Compliancy:

RoHS Directive;


Capable of adding PCI bus (5V/32-bit, 33MHz) slots. ECH(PCI)SF-H13A can add 13 slots. Accepting short-size PCI bus boards. Power supply controllable in response to the turning on/off of the PC`s power supply. Steel chassis suitable for use in fields. Built-in cooling fan. Rack mount is possible by installing included bracket