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Phase Sequence/Motor Rotation Tester (480403)

Product Announcement from Flir Commercial Systems

Phase Sequence/Motor Rotation Tester (480403)-Image

Problem: You just had a motor serviced or you bought a replacement motor. You're ready to connect it. What is the critical task you must perform to ensure the correct operation of your new/repaired motor's connected load? You must determine the motor's correct rotation.

Don't be fazed by phase sequence!

Solution: The durable and compact Extech 480403 is ideal for determining phase sequence on 3-phase systems, confirming phases are live, and checking rotation direction on motors and rotating plant equipment. The Extech sequence/rotation tester also features the added safety of a built-in non-contact rotation detection sensor. This 2-in-1 meter checks both phase sequence and motor rotation.

• Indicates rotation direction of the motor
• Determine rotation of a motor without contact
• Ensures that motor does not get damaged from incorrect wiring
• 40 to 600VAC rated test range for testing phase orientation of three phase power sources over 2 to 400Hz frequency range
• LEDs indicate phase orientation (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and whether each of the three phases is live
• Durable housing is double molded
• Easy to open alligator clips with wide jaws
• Complete with cable and three large color coded alligator clips, pouch case, and 9V battery

Typical Operation Tasks

  • Determine Phase Rotation Direction
  • Check Motor Turn Direction (contact method)
  • Check Motor Turn Direction (non-contact method)
  • Related task: Magnetic Field Detection

Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.1 x 2.7 x 1.3" (130 x 69 x 32mm)
Weight 4.6 oz. (130g)
Electrical Safety Approvals IEC 61010/EN61010, IEC 61557-7/EN 61557-7
Maximum Operating Voltage (Ume) 600 V
Overvoltage Protection Level CAT lll 600V
Battery type 9V battery
Current Consumption 20mA max.
Battery life One (1) year minimum
Nominal Voltage 40 to 600 VAC
Frequency Range (fn) 2 to 400Hz
Nominal Test current (in per phase) < 3.5mA
Pollution Degree 2
Approvals DIN / VDE 0411, IEC 61010, DIN / VDE 0413-7