SIMPLEX Winder Machine

Product Announcement from Gorman Machine Corporation

SIMPLEX Winder Machine -Image

The All New Simplex Winder is designed as a basic hand-guided winding machine, to wind an infinite variety of winding forms and Nylon Bobbins, with a minimum of set-up time required. Using the Simplex, the operator can usually layer wind a coil by hand, almost as well as with a traverse equipped machine, and better, when winding the heavier wires.

  • Powerful ¾ HP Permanent Magnet DC motor with SCR motor control.
  • 13 ½” (343mm) between spindle and Tail Stock with standard 26” (660mm) long bars.
  • Any length between centers available with longer bars.
  • 14 inch swing around spindle with tail stock bars.
  • Easily changed from dual Flat Belt Pulleys to higher torque Timing Belt Pulley combination.
  • Reversible spindle – choice of 1/2” (13mm) or 5/8” (16mm) shaft with flat for holding set-screw.
  • Preset Add-Subtract Electronic Counter in easily seen position. Other multi preset counters available.
  • Dynamic braking for almost instant stopping.
  • Optional Electric Brake for maintaining spindle lock when pedal is released. Switch OFF when not needed.
  • Quickly adjustable Tail Stock available with various ball bearing mounted ends – 2” (51mm) or 3” (76mm) retraction.
  • Eye shield for operator safety.
  • 1/2” (13mm) Jacobs chuck for 1/2” (13mm) or 5/8” (16mm) spindle available.
  • Simple and rugged construction.
  • Inexpensive and U.S. made for easy access to parts and accessories.

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