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InCon's Molecular Distillation System...

Product Announcement from InCon Process Systems

InCon's Molecular Distillation System...-Image

InCon's Laboratory Short Path Distillation System is a small Molecular Distillation System for R&D facilities. It is invaluable in developing formulations, generating products and proving process separations involving Molecular Distillation Technology

Since small quantities of the materials are required, this versatile tool provides the means for isolating small quantities of your formulation for evaluation. The Single Stage Distillation Plant runs at 0.1 to 2.0 liters per hour, with shorter run times possible.

This is a complete system including the feed vessel, Short Path Evaporator and internal condenser, hot oil heater, condenser cooling system, cold trap, and vacuum system. The Short Path Evaporator and internal condenser and product piping is constructed of high quality Duran glass; the wiper basket and rotary vacuum pump are constructed of stainless steel. Gaskets are made of VitonĀ®. Optional materials can be specified as required.

This is a complete system, ready to install in your laboratory. The system includes:

  • Jacketed feed vessel
  • Feed flow control metering
  • Complete Short Path Evaporator with Internal Condenser
  • Variable rotor speed
  • Condensing media nozzle
  • Product discharge system
  • Condensate discharge system
  • Round bottom flasks for distillate and residue
  • Graduated receivers
  • Complete Vacuum System
  • Two stage rotary vacuum pump with exhaust filter, and electric diffusion pump
  • Vacuum control valve and electronic vacuum gauge
  • Cold Trap for liquid nitrogen or dry ice
  • Hot Oil Heating System for evaporator cooling system for condenser
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Frame
  • Power Supply by customer
  • Spare Parts
  • Operating Instructions