Laser Metal Surface Restoration

Product Announcement from Joining Technologies, Inc.

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Joining Technologies introduces laser additive manufacturing as an effective part restoration process for critical parts in high value industries. By using lasers combined with engineered material science, we are able to achieve near net restoration of metal surfaces that are superior to earlier processes, including HVOF.


Minimal surface prep

Permanent metallurgical bond

Small heat affected zone

Less chipping, peeling or cracking

Reduced corrosion

Lower dilution

Reduced retooling

Unlimited surface heights

Unprecedented reliability

Long-term cost savings

This process originated from the urgent need of aerospace, military and defense organizations to cut costs and lead times for spare parts without compromising military readiness and safety. Joining Technologies is one of the first U.S. corporations to invest heavily in R&D efforts to make the laser cladding process accessible to engineers and buyers in these high value industries.

Paul Denney of CCAT discusses how laser cladding benefits New Manufacturers, Operators, and Program Managers
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About Joining Technologies:

JOINING TECHNOLOGIES is recognized as an innovator in laser welding and cladding applications, delivering absolute reliability through innovation and team. Our advanced laser cladding and welding technologies provide dependable, cost-effective solutions that dramatically impact our customers' businesses. Our top-notch expertise, exclusive technologies and high performance culture provide the foundation for long lasting partnerships with our customers. JOINING TECHNOLOGIES is most often called upon when the challenge is significant and the risk is high.

Quality is our cornerstone:

Joining Technologies' Quality Management System is modeled & certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, 2008 and AS9100 international quality management standards and ANAB Accredited.

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