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Variable Frequency Hybrid Chassis AC Drives

Product Announcement from KB Electronics, Inc.

Variable Frequency Hybrid Chassis AC Drives -Image

KB offers 33 Variable Frequency Chassis IP 20 Drives in two categories.

The following features are common to both drives:

Sensorless Flux Vector Compensation with Static-Auto-Tune to provide excellent speed regulation with high torque loads throughout the entire speed range. Auto energy saving at light loads. Smooth motor torque.

They are designed for applications that may or may not require digital programming and a digital display. Hybrid KBVF & Digital KBDF AC Drives provide variable speed control of standard 3 phase AC induction motors from 1/8 to 5 horsepower.

The following are their differences:

  1. There are 17 KBVF Hybrid* AC Digital Drives which use an Analog Interface to set motor speed and trimpots to make the most common adjustments - minimum and Maximum speed, Acceleration, Deceleration, Current Limit and Slip Compensation.

    In addition, a variety of optional accessories including: SIVFR Signal Isolator with Run/Fault relay, Class "A" or "B" RFI/EMI Filter, Dynamic Brake Module, I/O Multi-function Expansion Module, Multi-Speed Board, Modbus Serial Communication, Drive-Link™ Programming Kit, and a KBRK Remote Digital Keypad are available to meet the most demanding applications.

  2. There are 16 KBDF AC Digital Drives with CSP** which use a digital keypad with displays to set over two hundred programmable functions.

    In addition, a variety of optional accessories including: I/O Multi-function Expansion Module, Drive-Link™ Programming Kit, Modbus Serial Communication, and a Portable Memory Module are available to meet the most demanding applications.

Both models are Chassis/IP 20 construction.

KB Chassis/IP 20 AC Drives are available through over 800 distributor's world wide. Please use our Distributor Search (located on KB's website) to find a supplier near you.

Are you an OEM in need of a custom solution? Would you like your AC Chassis Drive programmed at the factory and ready to go out of the box? With our KB Kustom program, we can build "The Right Control for your Application".

*Hybrid, A Digital Drive with Analog Interface
** CSP, Common Sense Programming

***Please check with KB Electronics for availability on all KBDF Models - Thank you!