WAVE Pore Size & Porosity Analyzer

Product Announcement from Quantachrome Instruments

WAVE Pore Size & Porosity Analyzer-Image

The technique of electroacoustics is now available for the rapid determination of mean pore size in a variety of sample types without vacuum pumps, without pressurized gases, without mercury, and without the wait. The same seisomolectric effect that is used for pore size is also employed to reveal the zeta potential of the surface inside the pore structure. The measurement of percent porosity uses very high frequency conductivity measurements.

The WAVE series of pore characterization systems consists of three models.The WAVE 3805 can measure all three pore-related properties from a single control module using two probes. Pore size analysis and three-in-one capability of the 3805 represents the newest, and probably the most unique, in pore characterization systems.

The WAVE 2305 offers measurement of pore zeta potential and porosity.

The WAVE 1905 is dedicated to the rapid dermination of just porosity for those customers who are most interested in that parameter.

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