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Wireless Monitoring System

Product Announcement from Spectrum Instruments Ltd.

Wireless Monitoring System-Image


Spectrum Instruments "WAM" Wireless 6-channel networkable Asset Monitoring System is engineered to withstand heat, cold, water, and caustic environments acquiring and transmitting data miles away.


  • six(6) channel (weekly, daily, hourly up to continuously) acquired vibration channels, up to six(6) process channels and one(1) tach channel
  • Mesh network 900 Mhz radio with high power 'Spread Spectrum' transmission in the ISM band
  • up to 2 miles extended range or line-of-sight with optional direction antenna
  • comes with a rugged industrial case milled from a solid piece of aluminium
  • LED light indicates power is on, taking and transmitting data (off and flashing modes)
  • 24V powered
  • BNC connectors - compatible with traditional ICP accelerometers and wide variety of other vibration sensors
  • multiple modules can be networked through out the plant
  • Reliable - no moving parts!
  • Receiver connects to customers PC with supplied USB cable
  • data is conditioned, reviewed and archived in a suite of MAARs Online Monitor & Pathfinder software
  • Optional Translator Software - facilitates transfer of 'WAM' data to most brand name data collector and walk-around data collector software systems
  • analytical tools include FFT, waterfall and trend displays
  • system has been fully tested included real world testing in a number of actual user applications

Applications (permanently mounted or portable trouble shooter):

  • pump
  • motors
  • gearboxes
  • chillers
  • cooling towers
  • paper machines
  • draglines
  • cranes
  • just to name a few

Let us configure one of Spectrum's "WAM" Wireless Asset Monitoring System to meet your unique requirements. We will walk you through the installation and commissioning via phone/email or have us on-site for some installation assistance and formal training....either way you are assured to end up with a fully functional system - not something that will sit on the shelf!