Toxic Vapor Analyzer, TVA-1000B

Product Announcement from Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring

Toxic Vapor Analyzer, TVA-1000B-Image

The TVA-1000B Analyzer is an over-the-shoulder portable vapor analyzer that offers both photo ionization and flame ionization detectors in a single instrument. The system is a cost effective tool for helping to meet today's requirements for a healthier and safer workplace, as well as a cleaner environment. An optional Enhanced Probe is available which allows single hand operation. Users do not need to access the sidepack during operation. The TVA-1000B is compact, so you can easily carry it anywhere and its power and fuel supplies run for eight hours on a full charge. Since safety is critical to many applications, the unit is fully certified intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D.

With its dual design, on-board datalogging and multipoint calibration, the TVA-1000B Analyzer increases productivity, and efficiency, and provides accuracy over a broader range. You no longer need to carry a second analyzer and a clipboard. Overall monitoring time is reduced because the number of vapors detected per scan is greater and scribing time is eliminated. In addition, on-board datalogging improves the integrity of the data by eliminating transcription errors.

TVA-1000B is Analyzer built for fast, simple operation in real-world field conditions. A large keypad ensures straight-forward, easy operation, with or without gloves. Datalogging is activated by a thumb-switch on the hand held probe. Operations are menu-driven and displays are bright and easy to read.

Key Features
• Simultaneous FID/PID or Single FID detector(s)
• Portable and lightweight
• Multiple response factors and curves
• Multi-point calibration
• On-board datalogging
• 8 hour battery life