Application Data for Re-Design of Gear Reducers

Product Announcement from Toledo Gearmotor Company

Application Data for Re-Design of Gear Reducers-Image

Application data that is desirable for the design or re-design of gear reducers.

1. Required Input and Output Speeds of Reducer

2. Maximum Torque that will be required by application, at reducer output shaft

3. Size of pulley, sprocket or gear that is to be directly mounted on reducer output shaft; and its effective distance from housing

4. Any overhung load applied to output shaft that is in addition to the load developed by the above pulley, sprocket or gear (indicate point of application)

5. Any axial thrust that will be applied to the output shaft

6. General description of application with particular attention to any high start-up or heavy shock loads that may occur

7. Probable Service Factor

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