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Ultimate Design Freedom
Laser material processing is compatible with any Windows software program, and fabrication is as easy as inserting your material into the system, printing the design file, and pressing start. This streamlined process flow opens up a world of possibilities for testing and design; you can fabricate a design and test it in minutes. And then you can make a change, fabricate a new part, and test it again. Design iterations can take minutes, instead of days. Compared to conventional testing and fabrication processes, laser material processing allows you to perform more testing cycles in less time, for less money.

Ultimate Material Flexibility
Laser processing systems are known for their ability to work with multiple materials, from optical films to ABS to polyurethane foams. But most laser processing systems are only compatible with a single wavelength of laser energy. The PLS6MW is compatible with three wavelengths, meaning it can process a much broader range of materials than standard laser processing systems.

  • 1.06µm Fiber Laser Source - marking metals, marking certain plastics (including Delrin, ABS)
  • 10.6µm CO2 Laser Source - cutting, marking, engraving or photo imaging materials from plastics and rubber to glass
  • 9.3µm CO2 Laser Source - cutting and marking certain engineered plastics, including PET

  • Multi-Wavelength
    Materials: Some complex materials, including mirrored acrylic, adhesive-backed foils and some plastics. The multi-wavelength functionality of the PLS6MW can be used to accomplish some tasks which are impossible if only a single laser source is used.

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