E50/51 Series DIN Rail Meter

Product Announcement from Veris Industries, Inc.

E50/51 Series DIN Rail Meter-Image

The E50/51 Series DIN Rail Meter combines exceptional performance and easy installation to deliver a cost-effective solution for power monitoring needs. The E50/51 can be installed on standard DIN rail or surface mounted as needed. All models include pulse output and phase alarms for true versatility in all applications.


  • Renewable energy (Bi-Directional "Net Metering")
  • Energy management
  • Commercial submetering
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Cost allocation


  • DIN mounting for easy installation
  • ANSI 12.20 0.5% accuracy
  • MODBUS, pulse, or analog outputs
  • 90-600 VAC for application versatility
  • Bright backlit LCD...easy visibility
  • Pulse and phase loss alarms standard
  • Compatible with CTs from 5A to 32000A
  • User-enabled password protection...protect from tampering
  • Approved for California Solar applications
  • Available in Uni-Directional (E50) or Bi-Directional (E51) configurations