Digital X-Ray Imaging Systems for NDT

Product Announcement from Willick Engineering

Digital X-Ray Imaging Systems for NDT -Image

Digital X-Ray Imaging Systems for NDT

We are pleased to announce our new product line and the next generation in Digital Computed Radiography Systems.

The HD-CR35-NDT and HD-CR-43-NDT manufactured by Duerr NDT in Germany and supported by Willick Engineering in Western U.S. and Mexico.

Best of both worlds: Automatic Loading Cassette and Manual Loading portable systems.

Complete System Includes:

  • OptiviewXR or D-Tect NDT Imaging Workstation.
  • Mobile or PC Tower options..
  • Analytical tools: Colorizing, filters, measuring lengths and angles, text overlay,
  • Export images as raw image, tif, jpg, bmp, dicom, diconde to network or disk.
  • DICONDE Compliant
  • Original image remains unchanged with traceability of any visual enhancements.
  • Willick Engineering support through Digital CR integration and ASTM, ASME System Qualification.
  • Viewer software package available for your customers.
  • Software downloads through our support web site link.
  • Remote desktop support and diagnostics.
  • Pipe wall measurement\ analysis tool option.
  • Support, support , support ...... did you hear that? Support. After sales, that is.

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Digital Systems Brochure

Video HD-CR 43-NDT

Video HD-CR-35-NDT